February 23, 2024

Guide to online gambling in Ireland

Online gambling in Ireland has accelerated in popularity over the last 10 years. The Irish have flocked to casinos and gambling centres for generations, as the nation seems to be naturally drawn to games of chance and all things luck.

The desire to ‘get lucky’ and win fortunes has been a collective character trait of much of the Irish nation since gambling began. The gambling industry today is multi-faceted and multi-platform.

Online casinos are popping up everywhere on the web, and should you be seeking an extensive, detailed list of vetted casinos, you will find more info here. This emergence of a multitude of casinos has been born out of great demand, especially among younger people who are enjoying gambling as a pastime and as an opportunity to acquire wealth.

The Irish And Gambling

The Irish as a nation are heavily invested in their sports, whether it be GAA, hurling or rugby, and thus, there has always been a natural inclination to gamble.

The Grand National race is always a huge event in Ireland – something of a religious festival. Just look at this article and see how horse racing has long been an Irish tradition.

It wasn’t until around 2001, though, that online gambling took off in Ireland, especially with the advent of home computers for private and personal use.

The online casino market is vast and offers something different for everybody. Whether it’s a traditional game of Texas hold ‘em or something more modern, or website-specific games such as Emojini, those who seek fortune within the game of chance will find their game of choice.

Gambling and online casinos especially are becoming more popular in the aftermath of Covid-19, as explored in a recent article.

Regulation Of Online Casinos

All gambling websites within Ireland are subject to regulation, usually by the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures protection for users and puts the customer at the heart of the online gambling experience.

Many online casinos that are Irish-based come with impressive user incentives, such as bonuses and free giveaways, when signing up. In addition to free spins, users are often guaranteed online support if they have any issues or queries during their gambling time.

However, it was as recent as 2015 that all online gambling enterprises were expected to obtain a license. And today, Irish customers can not only enjoy local online gambling enterprises but also offshore betting sites.

Live casino games have exploded in popularity among Irish users, perhaps as a result of the lack of physical casinos around the country. However, it is the humble game of bingo that remains one of the major staples of the Irish gambling appetite. Bingo is especially popular among an older, female population.


Security is hugely important for Irish gamblers and many online casinos have integrated security features that protect gamblers, especially personal data and spending habits.

It is always sensible for gamblers to ensure their online casino of choice has a certificate from a local authority, proving their license.


Lotteries have traditionally been favoured by many Irish people and are accessible to all, as many punters just buy a ticket at their local grocer. Today, there are also functional online lottery options for Irish users who can conveniently participate in the draw from their chosen device.

A generous welcome bonus is always a treat for new gamblers to an online casino. Many casinos offer bonuses when a user signs up and a certain time period in which users must claim their bonus.

This is a sample of the plethora of options and a guide to how broad the spectrum is for online casinos in Ireland.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become ‘online casinos on the go’ and there is a wide range of gambling options for Irish users, at the tips of their fingers.

Regardless of the device, it is crucial that users only access vetted, licensed casinos, especially those that prioritize stability and user security. Software glitches and crashes can be symptoms of greater problems within a website and should be assessed carefully.

Incredibly, it was only in 2013 that physical casinos became officially legal. Prior to this, many casinos had been operating as private clubs.

It is still on the cards that Ireland may one day have its own gambling authority. A comprehensive governing authority would ensure user security and safety, and clear laws for all gambling organisations, whether physical or online.

Irish Gambling

Quite clearly, there’s a great deal of choice and complexity within the Irish gambling model. This new form of gambling has taken off within Ireland and is popular across age and gender lines, with many demographics.

The gambling sector in Ireland looks unlikely to go away anytime soon. People are consistently drawn to online casinos because of the prospect not just of money, but even more so, the entertainment and unique form of leisure that they provide.

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