July 18, 2024
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6,061 private jobs in Kilkenny can ‘operate remotely’ – but just three co-working hubs in city and county

Kilkenny has one of the lowest number of co-working hubs in the country, a new analysis has found.

There are just three co-working facilities in the entire city and county, the lowest number in the entire the Southern Regional Assembly area, which covers Cork city (17 co-working hubs), Cork County (6), Limerick (14), Wexford (13), Waterford (12), Clare (10), Carlow (5), Tipperary (4) and Kerry (4).

According to the report, there are currently 6,061 private sector jobs in Kilkenny that are “capable of operating remotely”. This compares to 29,074 in Cork County, 10,555 in Limerick; 10,333 in Cork City, 7,163 in Wexford, 6,775 in Kerry, 6,396 in Tipperary, 6,350 in Clare, 5,761 in Waterford and 2,831 in Carlow.

The findings emerged in a new report called the Regional Co-Working Analysis, which was prepared by the three Regional Assemblies of Ireland.

According to the analysis, around 387,000 private sector workers – more than one in four of the non-public sector workforce – are capable of operating remotely in Ireland.

The report stresses the need to create conditions necessary to sustain jobs by increasing the attractiveness of the regions as a location to work, live and invest.

“Providing a wide range of options will attract highly skilled workers and retain them in our regions. With remote working very much becoming part of normal working patterns in certain sectors, this potential has gained significant traction and attention since the outbreak of Covid-19,” a spokesperson said.

PHOTO: The New Work Junction co-working hub in Kilkenny City  

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