October 4, 2023

Another wet summer? Here are some gaming choices for Irish players

Most people have the same opinion around gaming these days. It’s clear that it has reached new and hugely appealing heights, with gamers being able to access more detailed products than we’ve ever known before, be it on a smartphone device or a PlayStation 5 console machine.


In Ireland, gaming is a go-to entertainment option for so many people. From Kilkenny to Dublin, Irish citizens are opening themselves up to a variety of gaming products. A popular activity to enjoy around the world, there are so many engaging titles to get through on a selection of gaming platforms, although there appear to be some that are more favoured than others in recent times.


We can’t cover them all, given the plethora of gaming options that are accessible in the modern environment, but we’ll focus on some of the very best releases that are being played by Irish gamers right now. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of Ireland’s best games that are available to play on a variety of devices.

Resident Evil Village is a popular console title


Resident Evil games have always pulled in big numbers. As such, big things were expected of Resident Evil Village, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. A popular game in Ireland, players play along as a man whose daughter has been kidnapped by an army of nasties. On the hunt for his precious child, there are an array of dangerous adventures to smash through and an all-round action-packed offering that will leave you firmly on edge. Resident Evil Village isn’t a perfect game, though, but it certainly provides plenty of entertainment.


Be like Pep and Jurgen in Football Manager 2023 Mobile

On the whole, the people of Ireland adore sport. With the Irish following Premier League giants like Liverpool and Manchester United, there is a strong passion for the beautiful game. As such, taking charge of their beloved clubs and embarking on a football management journey is hard to decline, particularly given the immensely detailed offering available through Football Manager 2023 Mobile. Also accessible on other gaming platforms, the mobile version of the game is succeeding in Ireland – and in other nations – because it’s easy to play and works beautifully as managers have to find the right tactics, make the right signings, and avoid the sack.


The Hot Gems slot game and classics like poker also appeal


Alongside the downloadable products on smartphone devices and the impressively detailed options on console are popular browser games that take seconds to fire up. Online casino games are certainly an area of gaming that has experienced notable growth in recent times, with gamers able to sign-up to the array of casino sites that are out there and gain immediate access to plenty of entertaining gaming products. From the Hot Gems slot experience, a title that offers cartoon charm and a mining theme, to classics like poker, a game that is adored around the world, there are plenty of titles to get through at an online casino. Roulette, blackjack, and live game shows are worth experiencing, too.


Fortnite and Minecraft are still pulling in Irish gamers


Fortnite isn’t exactly new in 2023, but it’s still managing to shine in nations like Ireland. The battle royale masterpiece is hard to fault as gamers are catapulted into a chaos-filled scene in an attempt to be the last man standing. A game that has also managed to stand out in the esports world and be featured on thousands of streams through services like Twitch, Fortnite is a fantastic game. Minecraft, too, offers world-building on an unparelled scale. While it’s popular with kids, you might be surprised how enticing it is for adults.



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