September 26, 2023
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Answering the call: 176 local donors raise €5,895 for Kilkenny camogie team’s All-Ireland GoFundMe appeal

Kilkenny reached the All-Ireland camogie final last weekend after a highly impressive comeback win over Cork. But inspite of their on-field heroics, our camogie stars were forced to set up a GoFundMe page to cover some of the expenses associated with the trip to Croke Park.

Speaking on RTÉ, Kilkenny manager Brian Dowling said the online page was set up to replace other sources of funding that have been unavailable this year such as table quizzes or other events as a result of the pandemic.

“We have a lot to do and a lot to prepare for. Every team that reaches an All-Ireland final would be doing similar, I imagine. The board put it up this morning,” he told the national broadcaster.

“We’re actually very well looked after here by the Kilkenny board but whereas we might have quiz nights or other events we cannot this year. That’s why the GoFundMe page was set up.”

On their online page, the Kilkenny Camogie All-Ireland fund explained that, in the past, the team wouild usually approach local businesses for some sponsorship for the final.

But they said that “with the very short window and the Covid regulations, this will not be possible this year”.

They added: “We are appealing for any donation, big or small, which you feel you might be able to contribute. We are very aware that this year has put a financial strain on many people. In fact, our own funds took a serious hit but of course, we still need to provide this wonderful team with an All Ireland day to remember.”

Thankfully, it appears the girls will indeed have a day to remember as by last night a total of €5,895 had been raised by no fewer than 176 generous donors, surpassing the €5,000 target to cover the costs of the trip to Croker.

However, the affair has exposed the huge disparity in funding for female sports in Ireland.

In 2019, around €3.7 million was given out by the Government to support GAA players. Just €700,000 was allocated for female players and teams.

The Government recently promised that a committee will set up to examine gender disparity in sports funding.

The All-Ireland Camogie Final takes place on Saturday evening at 7pm.

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