May 8, 2021
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Award-winning Kilkenny restaurant gets green light for expansion plans

There could be a completely different look to one of Kilkenny’s most popular restaurants once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

The award-winning Ristorante Rinuccini on Kilkenny’s Parade has been granted planning permission by Kilkenny County Council for another extension of its premises, just months after getting the go-ahead to create more dining space.

The Lite Bite Restaurant at Rinuccini will now be able to change the existing first floor commercial premises (a former kitchen showroom) into a restaurant, while also building a connection at first floor level from the new development to the existing restaurant.

In all, Rinuccini’s will create an extra approximately 77 sq mts of space for the restaurant.

Last June, Rinuccini’s obtained permission to transform a former workshop into a new dining area, creating an extra 71sq mts in the centre of the restaurant – almost doubling the size of the original dining space.

With this new approval, the restaurant will be almost three times the size when completed than it was post Covid-19 lockdowns.

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