January 26, 2022
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BEAT that! South East radio station scoops two national awards

South East Ireland’s regional radio station Beat 102-103 has enjoyed double success at this year’s IMRO Radio Awards.

DJ David Hammond once again scooped Gold as he was named ‘Best Radio DJ in Ireland’.

Beat 102-103 also picked up the gong for the ‘On-air competition/promotion’ for their innovative ‘Leap of Faith’ feature.

Station head Niall Power paid tribute to Beat at Work presenter Hammon, adding: “David puts a huge amount of work into devising creative content that grabs the listener’s attention.

“As a music DJ, you only have seconds to make an impact. David regularly uses this time well to wrap his words around the music he plays and the result is stand out radio!

“We’re very proud of the success David has deservedly secured consistently over the last three years,” added Power.

The station’s ‘Leap of Faith’ feature was a quirky concept based around the idea that Leap day happens just once every four years so why not do something extraordinary. As part of the promotion, the station encouraged listeners to take part without acutally knowing what the prize was going to be at the end.

The competition culminated in two finalists battling it out in a water based obstacle course at Dunmore East on a freezing cold Leap day. The winner then discovered the prize involved a leap across three countries in three days to see three different artists – one in Ireland, another in the UK and finally Dermot Kennedy in New York City.

Beat CEO oGabrielle Cummins said: “Leap of faith was actually a gem of an idea that emerged from a late-night conversation at the IMRO radio awards last year so how apt that it’s won!

“I’m so proud of the project team who took the original idea and made it into this incredible promotion that is now a national gold radio award winner.”






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