December 11, 2023

‘The best job I’ve ever had’ – Kilkenny man Phil Hogan wants another term as EU Commissioner

IRELAND’S EU Commissioner, the former Kilkenny TD Phil Hogan, has described his current role as “the best job I’ve ever had”.

The EU Agriculture Commissioner also confirmed he wants serve for a second term, but that the decision is out of his hands.

Speaking to KCLR presenter Sue Nunn in an interview broadcast from Strasbourg, Commissioner Hogan said: “It’s a matter for the Taoiseach. If I’m asked I’ll serve again, if I’m not I’ll do something else.”

However, the former Cabinet minister firmly ruled out making a return to the Irish political scene, saying: “32 years is long enough.”

Mr Hogan said he has served his time as EU Agriculture Commissioner “with great pleasure”, and spoke of his role in helping farmers and businesses to deal with the fallout from Brexit.

The Kilkenny man has been a vocal critic of the British Government’s position, or lack of one, throughout the marathon Brexit negotiations.

He said it’s “rather embarrassing” looking at the failure of the House of Commons to reach any sort of agreement or consensus. But he said he is still confident some sort of deal will be reached to avoid Britain crashing out of the EU, which would have a potentially disastrous impact on local farmers and the food producing sector that relies heavily on exports to the UK.

Commissioner Hogan added: “I think there will be a deal, I always thought it would be unthinkable for the UK to crash out.”

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