September 28, 2023
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Brennan brothers looking to serve up a helping hand to Kilkenny hospitality industry

Calling all Kilkenny hospitality businesses – the Brennan brothers are looking for you!

As the industry gets ready to reopen on July 20, renowned hoteliers Francis and John are seeking owners of large three or four star hotels or tourist attractions to take part in a new series of At Your Service which is currently in development for RTÉ.

“We’re all facing huge challenges as we plan to welcome guests back into our hotels next month,” Francis Brennan says.

“John and I would really like to help other hoteliers navigate this process and help them future proof their business.”

John added: “The hospitality industry continues to suffer more than most due to this lockdown. We understand the pressure this has placed on so many businesses.

“But we believe this challenge can be a real opportunity as more and more people are planning to holiday at home in Ireland this year. So, we’d like to join four owners of hotels or indeed tourist attractions on their journey into the ‘new normal’ over the coming months and hopefully help them reinvigorate their service.”

This new four part series is currently being developed by independent production company Waddell Media for RTÉ in 2021, but needs business owners to get in touch now to express their interest in taking part, so filming can be planned in the coming months.

If you are the owner of a large three or four star family hotel or tourist attraction in Ireland, Waddell Media would love to hear from you.

Please contact Maggi Gibson or Gareth McGreevy via email in the first instance on or



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