April 1, 2023

Callan to get €561,750 from rural development fund

CALLAN will receive €561,750 in funding for Rural & Community Development projects, Junior Minister and Kilkenny TD John Paul Phelan announced today.

Minister Phelan said: “This will significantly contribute towards to regeneration of Callan, a town and community which has grown significantly in recent years. The funding will help with the development of a 1.6km footpath, linking the original heritage sites and local amenities.

“The funding will also help finance the upgrading of the Fair Green and will support rural regeneration and community development in Callan. It’s yet another good news day for Callan and I commend all the voluntary and statutory organisations who do tremendous work in the area.”

The new Rural Regeneration and Development Fund will invest €1 billion of funding for rural and community projects over the next 10 years.

Minister Phelan said the fund provides an “unprecedented opportunity for us to make a significant impact which will transform rural Ireland for the better”.

The Kilkenny TD added: “This funding is intended to strengthen and develop our rural communities and develop smaller towns and villages.

“This fund is here to transform communities for years to come. ‘Project Ireland 2040 was launched earlier this year and now we can see it being implemented. This is real and tangible. Change is coming to communities who avail of this funding.”



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