October 30, 2020

Community project to create bespoke benches for South Kilkenny village

A VISUAL artist is looking for people of all ages – and all sizes – to volunteer for an innovative, if slightly bizarre, local community event.

Michelle Browne, and her Bring Your Own Chair team are looking for 47 people to join them for the event at St Mary’s Parish Hall in Slieverue on Wednesday, May 15.

As part of the project, bespoke benches will be installed along the new linear walkway in the South Kilkenny village.

Browne and the team want to measure a snapshot of locals to ensure the benches are the correct height for members of the community to enjoy and be seated comfortably on. They want 47 volunteers to measure up for the project – a number which was chosen to represent a tenth of the local population based on the latest Census.

Browne explains: “We’re looking for 47 people across all the age groups to create a physical representation of the town. This event is inspired by John Donovan, a pivotal character in the 1800s ordnance survey and Slieverue native.

“Bespoke benches will be designed, based on the measurements of the population of Slieverue today. The seating design will reflect the different height measurements of people from the village.

“We will also commission a writer to write poetry for the village, based on the measuring event. This will be etched into the new seating. I’m really looking forward to designing the benches that will be installed as part of the new looped linear walkway planned for the village,” Michelle added.

To get involved with the project, email info@callanworkhouseunion.com or phone 087 282 5741

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