October 3, 2023

Covid Garda fines: How Kilkenny compares with rest of country

Kilkenny has one of the lowest levels of fines for breaches of Covid-19 regulations, a report reveals.

Just 175 fines per 100,000 people have been dished out to members of the public in the Kilkenny-Carlow Garda division.

This contrasts strongly with neighbouring Waterford, which has racked up more than double this number of fines.

Counties Limerick (539) – which hit the headlines last week after videos emerged of a large street party – Cork (419) and Waterford (358) account for more than a quarter of the total number of Covid fines, according to a report in The Irish Independent.

Gardaí have fined around 13,600 people between €100 and €500 each for a range of offences including going further than 5km from home without a valid reason and organising house parties. The fines total almost €1.8m. Half of those hit with a fine are aged 25 or under and three- quarters are male.

The lowest number of fines issued to date was in Kildare where officers only issued 120 fines per 100,000.

Only Kildare, Mayo (169) and Meath (164) has a lower level of Covid fines per 100,000 than Kilkenny and Carlow conbined.

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