July 14, 2024

Delays expected for Kilkenny people awaiting Covid-19 test results

The Health Service Executive has today issued a warning that there could be delays in Kilkenny people receiving coronavirus test results due to laboratory issues.

More than 15,000 people nationwide are either waiting for tests or awaiting an appointment time for coronavirus testing.

The HSE admitted that some people can be waiting more than a week for a test but expect this delay to be reduced significantly as more test labs are ready to come online.

At a HSE briefing Anne O’Connor, the Chief Operations Officer of the HSE said: “Since the criteria changed, we have had 15,500 referred, over 10,700 have an appointment and we have 4,800 awaiting an appointment

“We’re currently testing 5,000 people a day.

“That will scale up as we have more tests available and we are opening more centres,” Ms O’Connor concluded.

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