September 28, 2023
Business News

Kilkenny households have 17 times less disposable income than Dublin families: CSO

Households in Dublin have a staggering 17 times more disposable income than families in Kilkenny, according to a new report.

And people living in Kilkenny have 24% less disposable income than individuals living in Dublin.

The stark figures are revealed in the latest Central Statistics Office (CSO) ‘County Income and Regional GDP’ report for 2018, which is published this week.

It reveals households in Dublin have an average disposable income of €33,649 when all factors are taken into account, including wages, taxes, rents and debts.

Kilkenny households, in comparisan, have just €1,917 disposable income.

According to the report, household disposable income in Kilkenny rose by just €83 year-on-year, while they rose by a whopping €2,239  in Dublin during the same period.

Kilkenny individuals had an average disposable income of €18,975, a €238 increase on the €18,737 recorded in 2017. But their individual disposable income is still €2,295 (11%) less than the national average of €21,270, and €5,994 (24%) less than the €24,969 enjoyed by people in Dublin.


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