December 5, 2023

E-scooter seized in Kilkenny after rider cut across traffic and ignored Garda order to stop

An e-scooter rider in Kilkenny had their vehicle seized after they were caught exited a local shopping centre without giving way to oncoming traffic – and then refused a Garda order to stop.

The occured outside the Newpark Shopping Centre earlier today.

A local Garda spokesperson warned e-scooter owners must comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act.

The spokesperson said: “While we await the commencement of legislation covering e-scooters and indeed after such, obligations under the Road Traffic Act remain as the owner of this vehicle learned a few minutes ago near Newpark Shopping centre, Kilkenny. The rider exited without yielding to traffic before refusing to stop when directed by a Garda member.”

The Garda spokesperson confirmed the scooter was then seized, before adding: “Maybe Shank’s mare [using one’s own legs] might be a more suitable form of transport.

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