July 16, 2024
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€1.5m fund for local food producers to kickstart Kilkenny’s economic revival post Covid-19 emergency

A €1.5 million plus fund is being made available to Kilkenny small and medium size business which could help kick-start their operations once the coronavirus emergency is dealt with.

And the state and local authority backed fund is particularly interested in hearing from Kilkenny food producers, which they believe are now in a strong position to create employment post Covid-19.

The Kilkenny Leader Partnership has €1.5 million available to support community groups and businesses employing up to 150 people and is looking to hear from qualifying groups or interested individuals.

CEO, Declan Rice, says they’re particularly interested in hearing from food businesses in the county who can prove they have a market and can generate further employment.

“These are very uncertain times. But there will be a tomorrow. This will pass.

“We want to ensure that communities and businesses have a bright and strong future in Kilkenny when we emerge from the current lockdown. We have over €1.5 million available to support qualifying submissions and we’re anxious to invest it for the benefit of Kilkenny and our communities.

“We want to hear from community groups and from small businesses and by small businesses, we mean any business that employs up to 150 people.

Aside from the €1.5 million available locally there is also a national fund of €15 million for food projects. Mr Rice believes given Kilkenny’s strong food tradition, the local Leader office is anxious to support local start-ups or established food enterprises that may be able to benefit.

“We are conscious that people have time on their hands at the moment to reflect on their future business pathway and on supports that are needed in and for their communities.

“We want to engage with them, see if we can help, see if we can work together to provide for a more inclusive, sustainable Kilkenny,” Mr Rice concluded.

Anyone interested should email us on eoi@cklp.ie or have a look on the Kilkenny Leader Partnership website.

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