December 2, 2023

ELECTION 2020: Count 7 – Pat Deering loses his seat, Noonan leapfrogs Aylward

The Carlow-Kilkenny constituency battle has claimed its first big victim after outgoing TD Pat Deering lost his seat following the seventh count this morning.

No remaining candidate managed to reach the quota this time around.

Deering’s 7,143 votes are now being distributed among the candidates still standing – and it’s expected his carlow-based rival Jennifer Murnane O’Connor (FF), who was closely edged out in 2016, will take the third seat in the constituency.

John Paul Phelan looks set to take the fourth seat while a nail-biting battle for the final seat is looming between Bobby Aylward and the Greens’ Malcolm Noonan, who has leapfrogged his Fianna Fáil rival into fifth place in the constituency.

Their fate will now be decided by Deerings 7,142 transfers.

The drama continues.

The eighth count is now underway.

General Election 2020, Carlow-Kilkenny Constituency – Results after Count 7:

Quota: 12,274

*FUNCHION, Kathleen SF 17,493 * COUNT 1 (Elected)
*McGUINNESS, John FF 12,612 * +411 (Elected)
MURNANE O’CONNOR, Jennifer FF 10,761 +428
*PHELAN, John Paul FG 9,548 +119
NOONAN, Malcolm GP 9,048 +2,095
*AYLWARD, Bobby FF 8,819 +177

*DEERING, Pat FG 7,142 +148 – Eliminated 

*Sitting TDs



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