June 2, 2023

Farmers clash with Glanbia over Kilkenny food giant’s new US brand

FARMERS have clashed with Glanbia over the Kilkenny-based food giant’s plans to launch a new consumer brand in the US.

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) said it was “extremely concerned” that the new Truly Grass Fed (TGF) brand would undermine the lucrative US market for Ornua’s Kerrygold dairy range. The IFA is concerned that Irish farmers will end up being hit in the pocket in the event of the two food giants going head-to-head.

“IFA strongly supports the Kerrygold brand, which farmers and their co-ops have invested heavily in over the last six decades,” the IFA said.

“The concept of marketing and selling Irish dairy products under a common brand, through Ornua, has proven to be a successful model which is envied by many other countries.”

However, Glanbia has rejected suggestions that the launch of the TGF brand threatens Kerrygold’s share of the US market.


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