October 31, 2020
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Fighting back: 64 Kilkenny tourism businesses sign up to Covid Safety Charter

Tourism businesses in Kilkenny have been quick to sign up to a Covid-19 safety programme aimed at instilling confidence in tourists and the public.

Sone 64 tourism businesses in Kilkenny have received Fáilte Ireland’s Covid-19 Safety Charter and Fáilte Ireland is encouraging more local businesses from the accommodation sector, restaurants, attractions and activities to sign up. Each business that completes the charter’s training is awarded a safety symbol to display at their premises.

The Covid-19 Safety Charter was developed by the National Tourism Development Authority to encourage people to take ‘safe breaks’ in Ireland confident they are attending safe locations.

Research conducted by Fáilte Ireland shows the public expect and regard it as “important” that appropriate safety measures are in place if they are to consider taking a domestic break in Ireland this year.

The Covid-19 Safety Charter helps consumers identify that a tourism and hospitality business has confirmed it has undergone the relevant infection control training; undertaken to maintain compliance with the Government’s public health guidelines for businesses; and agreed to be subject to assessment, both announced and unannounced, at all times.

Nationally almost 2,700 tourism businesses, including approximately 50,000 employees, have completed the training and received the charter.

Fáilte Ireland CEO Paul Kelly said: “Our consumer research tells us that it is important to customers that visible health and safety etiquette is in place when visiting tourism and hospitality businesses.

“Fáilte Ireland’s Covid-19 Safety Charter gives tourism and hospitality businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their actions and commitment to providing consumers with a safe environment.  The safety symbol displayed on the premises will act as a clear visual indicator to customers that it is safe to visit a restaurant, attraction, activity or accommodation provider,” Mr Kelly added.

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