August 8, 2022
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From 12 stone overweight to Ireland’s Strongest Man – the inspiring story of Kilkenny’s Davy Jones

A Kilkenny man has been crowned Ireland’s Strongest Man – exactly 10 years after he made the decision to get in shape and shed a staggering 12 stone.

Davy Jones (29), the owner of Davy Jones Fitness in Kilkenny, won Ireland’s Strong Man last weekend in a gruelling competition that involved lifting a 375kg deadlift, carrying a 160gg sand bag a distance and holding a 300kg deadlift for over a minute.

The Glenmore strongman beat 20 other contestants from across the country to take the title

For Davy, the win was all the sweeter, as it came 10 years to the date he tipped the scales at more than 24 stone and embarked on a personal plan to shed the weight and get fit.

It led to a massive physical transformation that would change his life, inspiring him to become a personal trainer and opening up his own gym to help others.

Earlier this year Davy hit the headlines after helping Callan Man Jason Foran shed a massive 17 stone – the equivalent of a professional rugby player.

Reflecting on his incredible transformation, Davy said: “I used to do no exercise and went out at weekends eating rubbish. I used to be terribly shy too and had very little confidence. I just got sick of being overweight and decided to make a change. I am proof that it is possible to change and reach your goal, no matter how difficult it is. Just keep going, one step at a time.”

Training for Ireland’s Strongest Man took exceptional commitment from Davy. He trains three hours a day, seven days a week with regular physio sessions and ice baths and maintains a strict diet. He consumes an average of 7,000 calories a day, costing €250 a week with 3.5kg of red meat part of his daily meal plan.

Davy adds: “In preparation for Ireland’s Strongest Man, I had to eat eight times a day, every two hours.”

With the title of Ireland’s Strongest Man under his belt, Davy has returned to the day job training clients at his business Davy Jones Fitness at the Hebron Industrial Estate. He  offers weight loss, weights, strength, flexibility and mobility training in both groups and one-to-one sessions.

“I will continue training and look to compete in bigger international competitions from now one and focus in getting better with every competition. In the meantime, I’m delighted to be able to help my own clients with their weight loss and fitness goals. I’m proof to them that anything is possible,” Davy adds.

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  1. A Kilkenny man is officially Ireland’s strongest man, just ten years after he tipped the scales at 12 stone overweight.

    Davy Jones’ story is a true feelgood tale.

    At 19, weighing 24 stone, he made the decision to shed weight and get into the shape.

    He began to transform his lifestyle and eventually became a personal trainer and even opened his own gym.

    Now, ten years later, he has beaten 20 of the strongest men in Ireland to the title of Ireland’s Strongest Man.

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