December 11, 2023

Kilkenny farmers urged to be extra vigilant as burglars target machinery and fuel

Gardai are urging Kilkenny farmers to be extra security conscious following a spate of incidents around the county where farm sheds and outhouses were targeted by burglars.

A substantial amount of tools and machinery, such as chainsaws and other farming machinery was taken, along with 150 litres of diesel, from an outhouse on a farm at Pottlerath, Kilmanagh last Sunday, November 11.

All the items were stored in one outhouse on the farm and the burglars broke a lock and gained access.

Gardai believe the thieves would have required a heavy vehicle to remove the stolen items from the farm.

In another incident last week, a large amount of animal feed was stolen from a shed at Barracore, near Goresbridge. Again, due to the amount of feed stolen, the burglars would have required a vehicle with a trailer or a heavy vehicle to transport the stolen goods.

On Saturday, November 9, a burglar tried to gain entry to a farmhouse on the Ballyfoyle Road at 5.25am. The farmer was awoken by the noise and managed to scare off the burglar, who was seen fleeing the scene with a dog. The farmer later noticed that a lock on one of his sheds had been broken into and the burglar had gone through it but nothing was stolen.

In all three incidents, the burglars struck overnight while people were sleeping.

A local garda spokesperson said: “We ask farmers to ensure check their premises and make sure their sheds and barns are secure.

“We appeal to anyone with information in regards to any of the incidents to contact Kilkenny Garda station on 056 777 5000, or any Garda Station.”

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