June 8, 2023
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Health inspectors to blitz Kilkenny construction sites


KILKENNY construction sites are to be targeted by safety officers in an effort to reduce the rate of injury and death in the building sector.

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is undertaking a nationwide series of inspections on construction sites focusing on the most common causes of workplaces illnesses and injuries.

Five people lost their lives in construction-related activity in 2018, none of these occurred in Kilkenny. There were 767 non-fatal incidents reported to the HSA. This year there have been six reported deaths.

The blitz on construction sites, which began this week, will target sites across the country over the next two weeks, focusing on hazards such as silica dust and asbestos generated during refurbishment and demolition work.

The safety campaign coincides with the European Week for Safety and Health at Work and Construction Safety Week 2019.

HSA Assistant Chief Executive Mark Cullen said more must be done to ensure the future health of workers. He has called on employers to be aware that preventing work-related illnesses is as important as preventing accidents.

“This enforcement initiative will help prevent long term illnesses for workers and ensure that they can remain healthy and safe on the job,” said Mr Cullen.

“With nearly 150,000 employees in the construction industry in Ireland, I am urging industry bodies, employers, trade unions and employees to come together so that all construction workers can return home safe and healthy from work every evening.

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