April 1, 2023

Never mind Richie’s red card! King Henry’s attire sparks social media frenzy

RICHIE Hogan’s red-card was not the only controversy that split GAA supporters down the middle over the last 24 hours. A certain Kilkenny legend managed to divide opinion by not saying anything at all!

King Henry Shefflin’s choice of attire on the Sunday Game live was possibly the second most talked about incident in the game.

After winning by 14-points Tipperary must be wondering what they have to do to garner some attention around here.

Many people have been questioning the RTÉ wardrobe department over the past number of years in regards the attire on ‘The Sunday Game’ and the strange availability of the six-button waistcoat as the panelists go-to garment.

Henry’s attire came in for some sharp attention online, with many saying the mismatched styling was taking it a step too far.

Someone did come up with a rather good use for Henry’s socks, but I’m not sure if Donal Óg Cusack would be too obliging …

Here at the fashion conscious KilkennyNow.ie HQ, it was generally regarded as a brave statement by the Ballyhale star, except perhaps for that waistcoat …




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