December 11, 2023
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Holy moly guacamole! Supermarket giant thinks Kilkenny’s in the UK


ONE of the leading supermarket retailers in Ireland made a major faux pas while trying to be a ‘LIDL’ bit tongue in cheek (or ‘stone in fruit’ should we say) about Kilkenny.

German supermarket giant LIDL may need some geography grinds (and possibly history lessons!) after erroneously stating Kilkenny is in the UK.

The unfortunate mix-up emerged after LIDL Ireland responded to a tweet from a customer who had been shopping in Kilkenny earlier today.

The customer tweeted @LIDLIreland after a lady queuing in front of her at one of their Kilkenny stores bought 21 packets of avocados, and asked: “What possible use would someone have for 42 avocados of a Saturday morning in #Kilkenny?”

LIDL’s response was: “Kilkenny, the Guacamole capital of the UK” attempted to contact Lidl this evening, but a spokesperson was not available to comment.

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