September 20, 2021
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Kilkenny beekeepers wanted: Have a buzz and hive off some honey from your back garden

People in Kilkenny are being asked to do their bit for the environment, by sitting back at letting someone and something else do all the hard work.

Irish beekeepers are looking for people to host beehives on their property for a year or two. And in return they will receive some of the delicious honey produced in each hive as payment., the online site for Irish beekeepers, has launched the appeal for hive hosts, in an effort to grow the numbers of bees in the country, insects that are essential for a healthy eco-system.

A spokesperson for said: “Many beekeepers who are looking for suitable spots to place their beehives.

“If you have a suitable location for the placement of beehives, we can put you in touch with a potential beekeeper.”

Unfortunately, not all locations are ideal and beekeepers are looking for site that are secure, have good forage and fauna, has decent access for the beekeeper and, ideally, is in a rural setting.

“Beekeepers will need to visit these hives every 7-10 days in the summer to perform normal beekeeping operations,” the spokesperson added.

“This arrangement might be especially good for any organic crop growers who want increases in fruit\veg yield.”

Anyone interested in hosting a hive can add their details to the below form and, once a suitable match is made, will facilitate the connection between the beekeeper and the host.

Fore more details, log on to:

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