September 22, 2023
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Kilkenny Council to reduce rent for tenants who lost jobs due to Covid-19 crisis

People paying rent to Kilkenny County Council who may have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis are being told not to worry as the local authority will look at redcuing their payments to adapt to the current circumstances.

In just the last week, more than 150,000 Irish workers have lost their jobs and many more, it is predicted, will lose their jobs in the coming weeks as the we await the peak of the coronavirus outbreak in Ireland.

A spokesperson for Kilkenny County Council told that due to the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in, the local authority will be doing all it can to ease the pressure on those affected economically as a result of this emergency.

“We are trying to ally people’s fears who have become unemployed during the current situation,” the spokesperson said.

“If they are having difficulties in regards paying rents, we want them to contact us directly. Anything we can do if people have experienced a change in circumstance, we will help.

“The rent review that was due to start at the start of April, that has now been deferred also.

“Our housing staff are here to help people who now find themselves in different circumstances and to work with them.”

The spokesperson stressed that Kilkenny County Council is operating as usual with respect to the health of their staff.

“We are putting measures in place to protect the service and our ability to maintain it. Our offices are open for business and we are asking the public to heed the social distancing instructions.

“As part of this we are encouraging people to avail of our services online and to utilise the facilities available to make payments online from home,” they concluded.

People who need to avail of the services do so by logging onto or by calling the council offices on 056 779 4000.

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