July 18, 2024

Kilkenny marriages more than halve as Covid cancels couples’ big day: report

The lowest number of marriages were registered in Kilkenny last year – falling by more than 50% on the previous 12 months as Covid cancelled weddings en masse.

New figures published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show just 227 marriages were registered in Kilkenny lin 2020, down from 573 in 2019.

The huge drop came as Covid-19 restrictions on religious ceremonies and large group gatherings forced many couples to postpone their big day.

It is the lowest figure since the CSO started recording marriages back in 1997. Conversely, the 571 marriages in 2019 is the highest recorded over that same period.

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The figures also reveal the average age of Kilkenny women getting wed is still on the rise. For the first time ever, the average age for a Kilkenny woman getting married is now above 35, at 35.4 years. When records began in 1997, the average age was 29.8.

However, men are getting married slightly younger than had been the case over the previous number of years. The average age for Kilkenny men getting last year was 36.2, which is lower than it has been for three years. The highest recorded average age wof local men getting married was 36.7 years in 2019.

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