September 22, 2023
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People seeking accommodation in Kilkenny scammed out of thousands of euros

Desperate home seekers in Kilkenny have fallen foul of ruthless scammers stealing deposits and rental advances on non-existent rental properties.

Gardai in Kilkenny confirmed they have received a number of complaints in recent days relating to rental scams in which people have paid over deposits and rent advances to fraudulent accounts.

In each case, those eagerly seeking accommodation to live in were scammed out of more than €2,000.

A local Garda spokesperson told “In recent days a number of people have been victimised in the Kilkenny Carlow & Waterford Divisions resulting in losses running into thousands of euros.

“The amount sought for deposit and advance was €2,158 in each case. We urge people to fully check out the authenticity of advertisements for rental accommodation and to check out the property in advance of handing over or depositing money. This includes holiday rentals.”

The spokesperson advised tenants to carry out “appropriate checks” to ensure the person renting the property is authorised to do so.

“We ask that people who have properties to rent use fully licensed letting agents who are licensed under the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PRSA),” the spokesperson added.




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