November 30, 2022
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Kilkenny employees top list of days lost to illness at work

Kilkenny workers are the most likely to have to take sickies on the job, a new report has found.

The startling finding was revealed in the recently published Health and Safety Authority’s (HSA) Annual Review of Workplace Injuries and Fatalities 2019-2020.

The report found employees in Kilkenny had the highest illness rates during that period, with 29.2 days of work-related illness recorded per 1,000 workers.

Overall days lost to illness caused by the workplace were down 30% on the previous five years, indicating Irish workplaces are getting safer to work in all the time.


The counties on the Border and North West recorded the lowest rates, all around eight days per 1,000 workers.

The sectors with the highest rates of injuries leading absence from work were Health and Social Work (12.1 per 1,000 workers), Construction (10.9 per 1,000 workers) and Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (10.7 per 1,000 workers).

Back, bone joint and muscle issued caused by work was the most common illness reported, while anxiety and stress caused the lowest amount of illness days according to the report.


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