November 30, 2023
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Kilkenny’s self-employed urged to understand their benefit entitlements

PEOPLE working for themselves in Kilkenny are being urged to be more aware of the benefits available to them by the state.

This week is national self-employed week, an initiative to make people aware of what state benefits they are entitled to, as many have changed over the past number of years.

The Government stated aim is to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurship, recognising the importance of small and medium businesses.

As the state recognises the benefit to society from entrepreneurialism, the state is aware it needs to provide an income safety net to employees and self-employed alike.

Self-employed people in Kilkenny are now entitled to as much as their PAYE colleagues.

This November, an extension of jobseekers benefits for the self-employed will be introduced, in the event of a business closure. This will be the first time self-employed can receive social insurance support.

Recently the earned income tax credit for the self-employed was increased, the self-employed could access Invalidity pensions and the treatment benefit scheme.

Kilkenny’s self-employed also can access the same paternity leave, free pre-school, maternity leave, and free GP care for over 70’s young children.

Self-employed week runs until Sunday, 4 August.




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