July 16, 2024

Level 5 restrictions in Kilkenny and rest of country here to stay until Easter at least

There will be no easing of Covid-19 restrictions for Kilkenny on March 5 as Taoiseach Michéal Martin today confirmed the lockdown will remain in place until Easter.

Mr Martin said the healthcare system is not in a position to cater for an easing of restrictions at this time and does not want a repeat of the surge in hospitalisation that occurred in the ‘third-wave’ of Covid-19.

The Taoiseach confirmed a “high level” of lockdown restrictions will remain in place until the first weekend of April, extending the lockdown by four weeks.

“We are looking at a continuation of high levels of restrictions up to the Easter period,” the Taoiseach said on RTÉ Morning Ireland programme,

“That remains to be determined by Government, there will be further discussions, we are revising our Living with Covid plan. Certainly, schools are the priority and construction including house building because we have a social crisis in terms of the availability of housing for people across all of society.”

The Taoiseach admitted it could be the end of the third quarter of 2021 before the majority of the public will be vaccinated, but he said he hopes to see a surge in inoculation over the coming weeks.

“I still think by September we will have a critical mass of people vaccinated. It was always the case that Quarter Two will see a significant ramping up of the volumes of vaccines coming into the country,” the Taoiseach added.


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