December 11, 2023

Locals horrified to find dead horse abandoned in ditch on Kilkenny road


MEMBERS of the public were horrified to discover a young foal left dead on the side of a Kilkenny road overnight.

The grim discovery was made at Drakesland Middle, Kilkenny city last night. The young horse was found lifeless and lying abandoned in a ditch.

The Kilkenny branch of the Irish Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Kilkenny gardai and Kilkenny County Council have been informed about the discovery.

Local councillor Andrew McGuinness (pictured below) said: “I’m absolutely disgusted to see this image this morning and read the complaints about local residents coming across the sight of this poor dead animal at Drakeslands Middle last night.

“This is far too regular in Kilkenny, and we need to see those responsible brought to justice and a zero-tolerance approach to this horrific cruelty.

“I’m calling on the gardai and the Local Authority to implement the ‘Horse Free Zones’ law that I proposed well over a year ago, proceed with regular inspections of all lands where horses are kept and ensure they are microchipped and cared for responsibly, enforce vigorously the ban on sulky racing that I brought forward when I was Mayor and ensure those people that simply do not care for their animals, are not allowed to keep animals. Enough is enough!”

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