August 14, 2022
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Most Kilkenny employees want to continue working remotely: survey

Nine out of every 10 Kilkenny people would take a job that required them to be vaccinated, a new survey has revealed.

The annual FRS Recruitment Employment Insights Survey for 2021 also found the vast majority of Kilkenny people expect they will be working remotely as part of their job in the future.

Some 68% of Kilkenny employees are currently working remotely, some or all of the time, the survey found.

More than half (56%) of Kilkenny people surveyed are in favour of employers being required to check vaccine certification before admitting staff to their place of work.

FRS found optimism is returning to the jobs market in Kilkenny, with 68% of local employees confident they would secure a new job within three months. One in five (20%) of those surveyed said they believe they would get a new job within a month.

More than four out of 10 employees in Kilkenny (45%) also believe there will be more job opportunities available to them this year.

Three out of every four Kilkenny employees (73%) expect to receive a pay rise in the next 12 months. While 68% would consider a pay cut if their job was at risk.

Despite the optimism in the market, some of those surveyed are more pessimistic. Over two thirds (68%) would be open to a reduction in their working week if their job was under threat, while 65% admit to being fearful for their job security.

Commenting on the survey findings, FRS Recruitment general manager Colin Donnery said:”What comes across in the survey this year is that optimism is returning to the jobs market in Kilkenny and all around the country.

“People in Kilkenny have adopted to the change of circumstances created by the pandemic and as we emerge from lockdown they are ready to move forward,” Mr Donnery added.




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