December 9, 2023
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MICHELLE DALY: ‘Seize certainty with a course at Waterford College of Further Education’

In these crazy times, I am so glad that Waterford College of Further Education (WCFE) is here to offer the college experience to students in the South East.
When I did my Leaving Certificate, I was under huge pressure to decide my future right then. I was 17 and hadn’t a clue. I was also broke and had to work evenings and weekends to pay my way in third level.I left home for the first time and that was a big stress too. It was a gamble and I was lucky because I loved my degree, but I had plenty friends who didn’t. Many dropped out.

Many just did degrees they didn’t enjoy just to get a job at the end. A lot of them retrained later in other things, while some just gave up their first ambitions, because one had to be ‘realistic’.

It’s fantastic that Further Education allows people to do a course in an area they dream of and not have to commit to a degree programme until they are ready. I would have loved to be be able to do this back then; I was interested in so many things, but then, you could only choose one path.
I think this motivated me to create courses in WCFE: I wanted to give others the opportunities I didn’t have.

Right now, the option to do Further Education courses has never been more important. I can’t imagine the stress of securing a college place at the moment in 3rd level. Everything is so uncertain and then there’s the financial aspect too.

At WCFE, it’s possible to get a college place and seize certainty. We are also one of the top 10 Further Education Colleges in Ireland. We have links to third level colleges here and internationally and we have a brilliant employment rate post graduation. Our classes are smaller and more focused on the student. Our courses are also affordable. Most of all, it takes the stress away from your next educational journey. It’s the course you want; a chance to explore and achieve your dream.

I’ve always been proud to work here and it has given me so much. You see, it’s not just students that have their dreams fulfilled.

WCFE allowed me the creative freedom to design and offer a Journalism and New Media course, a Sound Engineering and Music Technology course and an Advanced Certificate in Audiovisual Media course. I’ve been given a recording studio and radio studio and most recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to provide Yoga and meditation classes in our bespoke studio, to students on the Alternative Therapies course.

If I was starting out again I would definitely do a course at WCFE and I know I’d love every minute of it – because it’s exactly my first choice.

*Michelle Daly is Head of Media & Music Department at Waterford College of Further Education

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