July 21, 2024

Most Kilkenny people have no confidence in EU vaccine strategy: report

Less than half the people in Kilkenny have expressed confidence in the European Union’s Covid-19 Vaccination strategy, a new survey reveals.

The annual European Movement Ireland (EM Ireland) ‘Ireland and the EU’ RED C Research Poll found that just 45% of those polled locally expressed confidence in the EU’s Vaccines Strategy.

A further 7% were unsure, while 48% locally had no confidence in the strategy. However, despite reservations, this did not mean people were not going to take the vaccine.

The poll, taken by EM Ireland, an independent body who try to foster greater understanding of and engagement with the European Union, found despite the lack of confidence in the response to the pandemic, people in Kilkenny are fully behind the European project.

EM Ireland found 84% of people polled in Kilkenny support Ireland remaining a member of the EU, while 54% agreed that the EU is moving in the right direction.

The EM poll also found just one in three Kilkenny respondents believe that there will be a United Ireland in the next 10 years.

The poll unearthed issues people in Kilkenny feel strongly about. It found 74% of people locally believe the EU should do more to regulate digital media platforms. A further 55% of those polled believe Ireland should be more involved in EU defence and security.

Three-quarters of people in Kilkenny feel the EU should only provide funds to member states if their governments adhere to rule of law principles such as democracy, human rights and equality.

Commenting on the national findings, European Movement Ireland CEO Noelle O Connell said: “Support for Ireland’s continued membership of the European Union remains strong at 84%.

“The turbulence in the rollout of vaccines across the EU, affected by supply issues, is reflected in the finding that 45% of respondents have confidence in the EU’s Vaccines Strategy.

“We also see a reluctance to give up control over certain areas of national importance. Only 35% of people favour giving the EU more control over healthcare policy if that would mean losing some control at a national level, while less than a third of people would support more political or economic integration,” Ms O’Connell added.



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