July 19, 2024

Net gain: Kilkenny school to take part in Safer Internet Day 2020

At least one school in Kilkenny will take part in Safer Internet Day 2020 on Tuesday, February 11 when hundreds of students participate in events.

Safer Internet Day is an EU initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people.

Many schools across Kilkenny are expected to organise events to promote Safer Internet Day, but so far only Loreto Secondary School have confirmed they are taking part.

In Ireland, Safer Internet Day is co-ordinated by Webwise, part of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST).

Nationwide, almost 700 schools and organisations have registered Safer Internet Day events on the Webwise website.

Webwise estimates that more than 170,000 students will take part in activities that will help raise their awareness of online safety.

“Digital media is rapidly changing and continues to provide new opportunities for young people to engage, connect, create and learn.  It is vital for young people to develop digital skills and an understanding of how these new technologies work,”  National Director of PDST, Ciara O’Donnell sa id. 

“I commend the schools – and particularly – the Safer Internet Day Student Ambassadors, who will play a leading role supporting awareness-raising campaigns in their clubs, schools and communities.”

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