July 4, 2022

Garda motorcyclist experts to help train Kilkenny bike owners

Gardai in Kilkenny have launched a road safety initiative specifically aimed at motorcyclists.

The BikeSafe Programme is an initiative conducted by many European Police Services to promote road safety and enable motorcyclists to become safer, more competent and confident riders and encourage progression to accredited post-test training.

BikeSafe offers a workshop on topics such as hazard awareness and an on-the-road assessment ride accompanied by an Advanced Garda Motorcyclist.

The workshops are open to all motorcyclists holding a full motorcycle driving licence and are free of charge and are beneficial to experienced bikers, those returning to motorcycling, and those who have only recently passed their test.

BikeSafe will be run as a pilot scheme from June to September 2021 by Roads Policing Division, Dublin Castle. Places initially are limited to 100 participants.

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  1. Hello, I have seen information on the Garda BikeSafe Programme on your site. I see it ran to last Sept, do you know if it will be run again?

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