February 7, 2023

NEW YEAR’S FORECAST: Kilkenny braced for Big Freeze as temperatures plummet

It will be a very cold start to 2021 in Kilkenny and the rest of the country as Met Éireann forecast widespread frost over the coming days.

Snow fell much of the county yesterday, making driving conditions trecherous on some roads.

The national forecaster  said we can expect more frost and ice today, adding: “It will be dry for the day in most areas, with sunny spells, but scattered showers of rain will continue to affect northern and western coastal counties. A cold day with highs of just 3 to 5 degrees, in light to moderate northerly winds.”

Tomorrow will bring a ix of bright spells and scattered showers, occasionally falling as sleet and snow on high ground. It will be another cold day with afternoon temperatures of just 2 to 5 degrees.

Met Éireann warned it will turn very cold tomorrow night, with “a widespread sharp frost”. The forecaster added: “Dry and clear in most areas with a few showers affecting coastal regions. Overnight temperatures of between 1 degree near coasts to minus 4 degrees inland, in light northerly winds.”

Frost will be slow to clear on Sunday morning, although it is expected to a largely sunny day. Temperatures throughout the day will rise just above freezing in many places, and no higher than 4 degrees.

The outlook into early next week suggest the cold and mostly dry conditions will continue. Met Éireann added: “This will bring the risk of showers to eastern coastal counties, with drier conditions further west. Temperatures by day will remain low, generally between 2 and 5 degrees, with widespread frosts each night.”



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