July 14, 2024

Party goers facing criminal charges after gardai break up gathering in county Kilkenny town

A massive house party in a county Kilkenny town was shut down by gardai over the weekend and all those there are now facing charges.

A call was made to gardai in Callan shortly before 2am on Sunday informing them of a large house party happening in the town.

When the gardai arrived, they were shocked to discover the amount of people at the party, which was in full swing.

There was little or no heed to being paid to Covid-19 restrictions, social distancing was not being adhered to and upon processing the party-goers gardai discovered that many of the people at the party had travelled much further than the 5km limits imposed by the current restrictions.

Gardai took the details of all the people who were at the party and are processing files on all of them. These files will be sent to Director of Public Prosecution when completed when the gardai will be given further instruction.



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