August 8, 2022
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Plans to finally complete ‘Celtic Tiger’ estate in county Kilkenny are shot down

Plans to build new family homes on the site of a Celtic Tiger era development have been shot down.

Meadowcourt Homes Ltd had been looking to extend a period of planning permission granted to it in 2015 to build five large family homes at on the Mount Sion Road in Ballyrobin, Ferrybank.

However, Kilkenny County Council has refused to grant planning permission for the development.

Under the original planning permission granted in 2005 80 houses were to be built at a development known as The Beeches. A total of 59 homes were completed before the property crash.

In 2014, Meadowcourt Homes Ltd applied to Kilkenny County Council to alter the planning permission on the remaining development. It sought to build five detached two-storey homes on five sites in Chestnut Crescent instead of the 10 semi-detached in the original planning.

In 2015, Kilkenny Council decided to grant permission for these five homes. However, this will not now be built after the local authority decided not to grant another planning extension.


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