May 29, 2023
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Retail therapy: 80% of us are happy to go back shopping in Kilkenny – report

Four out of five Kilkenny people intend on going back to our local shops and businesses as the Covid-19 restrictions continue to be eased.

So says a survey undertaken by Kilkenny County Council has revealed, which gives us an insight into Kilkenny resident’s thoughts on the local economy post Covid-19.

The survey, which 468 responded to, found that 79% of us are happy to go back shopping on the county’s high streets.  Seven out of every ten of us are happy to return to cafés, while 64% of us will be happy to eat out and return to restaurants.

Funnily enough, just half of us are willing to go to Farmer’s Markets post Covid-19 restrictions, despite the markets being held outdoors and having greater space for social distancing.

The survey, which was held exclusively online, had 468 respondents, 76.5% of which were female, 22.6% were male and 0.9% undisclosed. Close to 60% were aged between 35-54, with 22% aged 55 or older and 19% aged 34 and under.

The survey found that the provision of hand sanitiser for customers is the biggest concern for people post-lockdown, where 81% of respondents said it is very important.

Adherence to social distancing is very important to 78% of people, while revised layouts within businesses is very important to 69% of people.

Protective screens at tills, available and clean public toilets, and the limit on people entering premises is a very important issue to roughly six out ever ten people.

Yet strangely again, just 58% of people felt spacious or outdoor seating while eating at restaurants is very important to them.


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