June 9, 2023
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REVEALED: The takeaway treats Kilkenny diners spend their dough on!

What takeaway do Kilkenny people click on when they just want to kick up their feet and forget about cooking?

It’s Pizza apparently!

Just Eat has revealed every Irish county’s preferred top five takeaways and the Italian delight that’s simply bread, cheese and whatever you’re having yourself, tops the list of Kilkenny’s favourite takeaways.

And it’s not just Kilkenny, pizza is Ireland’s favourite go-to takeaway, with 16 of the 26 counties choosing the Italian sharing pie.

Eight counties prefer chowing down on Chinese as their favourite takeaway, while only Monaghan and Leitrim buck the trend. In the Farney County, the kebab is king, while it’s lentils and lamb curry in Leitrim.

The traditional fish and chip is well down, or off the list, in many counties, even in Kilkenny, the ‘bit of cod, well done’ only makes it to number five.

While those folk in Munster must think they are relaxing on a Piazza in Pisa or Palermo – as each of the six counties prefer pizza as their takeaway of choice. As do our neighbours in Wexford and Laois.

Only neighbouring Carlow veered away from the oven-baked sustenance, Chinese being Carlow’s favourite indulgence.

The top five takeaways for Kilkenny are:

  1. Pizza
  2. Chinese
  3. Kebab
  4. Indian
  5. Fish and chips

You can find out what Irish people prefer to order in, by visiting the Just Eat website.


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