October 5, 2022
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Roundabout turn: Major boost as Kilkenny City Bus Service could start by Christmas after all

Plans to launch the Kilkenny City Bus Service by Christmas are back on track after the National Transport Authority (NTA) promised to provide the full fleet of buses required to run the service by next month.

This U-turn comes on the back of a letter from the NTA to Kilkenny County Council, which said due to circumstances outside the NTA’s control “the fleet of buses required to operate the services are significantly overdue.”

The reason for the delay was the company tasked with manufacturing the seven buses had gone into administration, and the NTA were unable to secure the final two buses required to run the service.

Today, it’s emerged the buses could arrive next month and the service up and running before Christmas, in what would be a huge boost for city traders and the public alike.

It is understood the manufacturer of the buses has now been sold and the final two buses are scheduled to arrive next month.

When up and running the city bus service will provide two cross-city routes to run in an East to West (Green Route) and North to South (Red Route) direction, connecting St Luke’s Hospital and the Freshford Road to the Dublin Road on one route, and the Castlecomer Road to the Bohernatounish Road (business park) on the other.

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