December 5, 2023
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Snakes on the loose! St Patrick’s festival hunt for slithering serpents in Kilkenny

Without St Patrick’s Day celebration for the last couple of years, it appears some snakes have managed to find their way back to a county Kilkenny town.

A number of slithering serpents have been spotted amongst the trees and plants at Castlecomer Discovery Park recently.

But there’s no need to call Samuel L Jackson just yet: these particular snakes have been purposely placed around the popular local tourist attraction to allow families a little something to do together to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

As part of Kilkenny’s St Patrick’s Festival, the Discovery Park has designed a family-friendly orienteering course where you may come across some of the snakes along the run.

A Discovery Park spokesperson said: “According to legend, St Patrick rid Ireland of snakes in the 5th century A.D. However, a number of colourful snakes have recently been spotted amongst the trees and plants at Castlecomer Discovery Park!

“They are hidden amongst the many native Irish trees and plants along the woodland trails. We need you to unveil and record the names of these trees and plants where they hide so we can find the Lost Snakes,” the spokesperson added.

The family outing is open from Saturday, March 13 and runs until Sunday, March 21.

The snake trail is a free event, but booking is essential and can be done by visiting


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