June 20, 2021
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As we shrug off the shackles of the pandemic, and a return to normal life comes into view, it is time to take stock.

Many of us have been trying hard to keep in shape and look after our physical health. But what about your emotional health?

“We all need to be taking care of our thoughts and feelings too,” says Noelle Roche,  founder of Connect & Change Coaching because it all begins in our heads!

Her mission is to help people connect with their strengths and positive beliefs – to recognise what is truly important for them and not be held back by negative issues that really don’t matter.

“Through positive psychology, personal development and emotional intelligence, we empower our clients to connect with their blockages and recognise what no longer serves them,” explains Noelle. “We help them change their mindset to transform their lives.”

Noelle has a background in beauty and finance. She is an experienced personal development and leadership coach with a demonstrable history  in the beauty, health and wellness industry, as well as the financial sector and customer service.

Through work and life experience she has evolved to become a passionate coach who guides her clients to reconnect with their strengths and positive beliefs.

Noelle describes Connect & Change Coaching as “your space”.

“It’s where you take some time, offload, discover and  reflect on where you are at,” she says. “It’s where you connect to how you feel and  examine changes you want to make in your life.”

By taking an in-depth look at your values and beliefs, and creating positive goals,  you will discover the future you would like to create for yourself.

Noelle’s coaching sessions will guide you with powerful self-reflecting questions and actions that will get you to think about the life you want and put in place the goals to get you there.

Connect & Change Coaching will help you define your aspirations and find the resilience, confidence and power to shine bright .

Noelle’s areas of expertise are personal development, leadership and emotional intelligence. She guides clients towards new and creative ways to tap into their thinking, challenge themselves, push their boundaries and grow.

If you find you are doubting yourself or unfavourably comparing yourself to others, if you are  looking for a solution to internal conflict, Noelle’s Kilkenny based service may have the answer to your problems.
Noelle collaborates with her clients to help them gain clarity, create goals, learn and evolve. Crucially, she can help remove the thoughts that prevent them from living the life they want.

She works with her clients to help them open up and recognise the negative beliefs that hold them back. She helps clients to get vulnerable and reveal those parts of themselves they  are least comfortable with. This is where real transformation comes in.

“Today we have so many pressures from all around us but our biggest pressure is from within ourselves,” says Noelle. “Our thoughts drive how we feel and have a profound effect on how we interact with others. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to shine and live their life without doubt.”

Connect & Change Coaching helps people recognise the skills and talents they have; empowering them to walk with confidence, knowing and trusting they can.

Connect & Change Coaching is accredited by EMCC, ICF, QQI

For more information or to book your free consultation contact Noelle on
Email: info@cccoaching.ie
Tel: 083 8344689
Website:  http://www.cccoaching.ie

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