November 29, 2020

St Luke’s gynaecologist who failed to get patients’ consent to learn his fate soon

THE senior consultant at St Luke’s General Hospital who failed to obtain consent before he carried out gynaecological work on female patients will know his fate “within the next month”.

A spokesperson for the Ireland East Hospital Group confirmed that an investigation into the case has now been completed.

Its findings are currently being considered by the CEO of the hospital group, and the female patients will be informed of the contents of the review soon.

In a statement to, the spokesperson said: “I can confirm that a Systems Analysis Review at St Luke’s Hospital Carlow/Kilkenny into this matter was commissioned by the CEO of the Ireland East Hospital Group, the report of which was received by her late last week.

“The CEO is currently considering the content of the report which will be shared with patients and appropriate parties in accordance with due process. We expect that this process will conclude within the next month.”

The obstetrician at the centre of the case has reportedly said he did not feel he needed to obtain consent for “exploratory” tests he carried out on five female patients last year.

However, St Luke’s has reported the case to the Medical Council and is seeking his suspension.

Tests on the women patients were stopped last September after nursing staff raised concerns over whether the required consents had been obtained from the patients.

Once it became aware of the issue, the hospital stopped the tests and told the patients involved.


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