July 12, 2024

Storm a-brewing: Fears Atlantic storm ‘Arthur’ could batter Kilkenny later this week

There are fears that Kilkenny could be hit by an unseasonal and unusually strong storm later on this week.

Storm Arthur is literally been making waves off the east coast of America over the last number of days and fears are now growing that it is will pick up other storms and gain strength as it heads our way.

The Ireland’s Weather Channel (IWC) is suggesting this storm, on its current trajectory will sweep close to Ireland this coming Friday. Forecasters have said that there is a good chance its course could change and it could hit the island of Ireland directly.

Speaking on their Facebook page, IWC said: “Currently, projections indicate that the storm itself won’t begin forming until Wednesday, when a series of thunderstorms eastwards of Tropical Storm Arthur begin to interact with a very powerful jet stream midway through the Atlantic.

“At present, the storm is projected to reach its peak intensity between 700-500 km off the southwest coast of Ireland, before weakening very slowly and moving in a north-northeasterly direction.

“During the storm’s peak intensity, winds are expected to gust up to 160-170 km/h. Winds in exposed Atlantic coastal counties could well reach up to 120-130 km/h, and more widely up to 100-110 km/h.”

“This is a developing situation and forecasts are likely to change in the time period between now and Thursday night,” IWC concluded.


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