November 29, 2020

Traffic carnage: Chaos on Kilkenny roads, multiple crashes and trucks jack-knifing on icy roads

Road conditions around Kilkenny are lethal this morning and have already been the cause of several serious accidents.

Conditions are so bad in places some school bus operators decided it was too dangerous to drive and did not run their services today and the Castle Park in Kilkenny has been closed in the interest of public safety.

Roads have been blocked due to the severity of some of the accidents.

The Stoneyford to Thomastown Road close to Mount Juliet is blocked off after a lorry jack-knifed causing another two lorries to crash into it. The incident happened shortly before 10am and emergency services are at the scene.

Another lorry jack-knifed on the Kilmanagh to Kilkenny road shortly after 9.30am and the road is completely blocked.

It is expected both roads will be closed off for the foreseeable future and people are being told to avoid the area.

The Office of Public Works made the call shortly after 10am to shut the gates on the Castle Park in the interest of public safety as the paths are  “dangerously icy.”

In a statement the OPW said: “Checks are being done on a regular basis and the Park will be reopen as soon as it is safe. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

The treacherous conditions have been caused by freezing temperatures overnight added to rain this morning. Temperatures fell as low as -4C overnight and then rainfall was experienced first thing this morning.

There are reports of a car sliding off Castle Road in the city, while there was another incident where a car lost control just outside of Dunmore.

The Ballymack to Danesfort road is particularly bad, with numerous vehicles going off the road there.

Kilkenny County Council road crews were out all through the night gritting roads, in fact gritting the priority roads twice, but this has not stopped accidents occurring this morning.

Footpaths and cyclepaths are also said to be treacherous in and around the city this morning and extra care is needed on all routes, especially in the city centre, around St Francis Bridge, Gaol Road and Canal Square.

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