September 30, 2023

WATCH: Heart-lifting video of Kilkenny teen hugging grandma with new invention goes viral on Fox News USA

A Kilkenny teenager and his grandmother have become internet sensations after a video posted online of a device the teen invented to give his cocooning grandparent a hug has gone viral across the world.

The video of Jody Brooks (13), from Graiguenamanagh, hugging his Grandmother May for the first time in months was posted online over the weekend. The video became a bit of a hit and started to pick up traction, so much so, it is now being shown on Fox News in the United States.

The innovative teen built a device made from trampoline poles, plastic bags and cling film which enabled him to hug his gran safely. In the video she is seen bounding across the garden to give her grandson a hug.

The video was made last Friday, May 21, and captured the first embrace of the cocooner with her young family since the lockdown began.

The Fox network in the USA came across the emotional and joyous clip and has been playing the video into living rooms all across America.

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