September 17, 2021

WEATHER FORECAST: See what’s in store for Kilkenny this weekend


AS D’Unbelievables memorably used to put it, it’s looking like a ‘mixed bag’ of weather this weekend.

Knowing what to wear may be something of a challenge as we face another few days of a heady Irish mix of showers, sun … and more rain.

Today will begin cloudy in Kilkenny, with the threat or rain not far away. But overall it will remain fairly mild, with temperatures reaching to between 15C and 16C.

The clouds will clear later in the evening, bringing a dry but chilly night, dropping back to 5C or 6C.

Saturday will be a much brighter day. The clouds will thin out and we could be set for good spells of sunshine, bringing with it a warm, mild day with temperatures rising to a positively balmy 17C.

Sunday will be showery and a little cooler, around 14C or 15C, with temperatures plummeting to as low as 3C and a good chance of rain and thundershowers.

Met Eireann said Monday will start much the same as Sunday ended: wet and with a slight chill in the air.



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