December 6, 2023
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Workshops for Kilkenny retailers preparing to open their doors

Kilkenny retailers could be opening their doors within a matter of weeks and a support workshop is being organised to help them set up again.

It comes as Government figures indicated there are moves towards reopening non-essential retail next month.

In response to this, Kilkenny’s Local Enterprise Office (LEO) is hosting a Kilkenny Retail Support Two-Day Workshop called ‘Reboot and Re-Energise’.

The workshops are designed to help businesses as the marketplace begins to reopen. They will be delivered by retail expert James Burke, who has spent the last year helping businesses to pivot and creating new opportunities in a time of crisis.

Mr Burke said: “The aim of these workshops is to support the businesses prepare for re-opening and renew their confidence with advice and tips.

“We have been working with businesses across the country and we would like to share our experiences and give insights as well as bring-in expertise from those working directly in and with the retail sector.”

The workshops begin on Monday, April 26. Businesses looking to book a place can log on to register and access more information.

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